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  • Beware of Dinosaurs...

    Published 08/01/23

    Reception class had a shock this week when they discovered their classroom had been destroyed by dinosaurs! They followed the clues, tracking footprints to discover what had caused the mess. 

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  • Merry Christmas

    Published 21/12/22

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Welbourne.

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  • Reading Together

    Published 19/11/22

    Reception and Year 6 enjoy spending time with their reading buddy practicing their reading skills.

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  • Celebrating Diwali

    Published 07/11/22

    Reception and year 1 classes had amazing fun celebrating Diwali and making the most amazing firework images outside on the playground.

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  • Back to School

    Published 09/09/22

    It has been a busy first week at Welbourne, lovely to welcome back everyone and to have the opportunity to meet our new pupils, parents and staff.

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  • Queen's Jubilee

    Published 25/05/22

    Back together!

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  • Year 1 Exploring

    Published 20/04/22

    Year 1 went out to explore the school garden.

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  • World Book Day

    Published 03/03/22

    Fantastic to see so many book characters walking around Welbourne Primary never knew who you might meet!

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  • Music in year 3

    Published 25/01/22

    Music is taught in classes, and we follow the Charanga scheme of work. This term students are learning how to play glockenspiels. Students also explore Music Technology using Garage Band and Music Lab on their iPads.

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