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2. Tuesday 28th April 2020

Hi everyone.  As usual you will find today's work and yesterday's answers at the bottom of this page.  I have a couple of other messages for you today too!

Mrs Everton and I want to hear from more year 4s.  Some children are emailing regularly but lots of you are not and we want you to start.  If you are in touch with people from year 4 through your online games, please tell them about my videos and ask them to watch and then email me. 

Mrs Everton will be doing another whole school assembly on Thursday and will update the leader board to see which class are sending the most emails so COME ON YEAR 4 !!!!!

Also don't forget to check out Mr Spowage's page.  He has been recording videos too with lots of fun games for you to play at home.  So go and have a look.

I will post another video tomorrow so see you then.