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Centre of Expertise

As a centre of Expertise in Autism, we offer advice, support and resources to other Peterborough schools. 

Schools are invited to contact the Hub manager to arrange a visit to the hub. This is a chance for schools to see different ways of teaching children with ASD, the resources we use in the hub, and the adaptations made to the learning environment. It is also an opportunity to talk over any difficulties faced, so that we can problem solve together.

In the past academic year this offer was taken up by over 14 local schools. Teachers, TA’s and SENCO’s have visited our hub, leaving some very positive feedback.

As a centre of Expertise, the hub staff also put on termly training sessions. These are aimed at school staff, parents and other professionals, depending on the topic.

Last academic year the hub ran training sessions on the use of workstations. We also co-produced a training session, about developing attention skills, with the Speech and Language service. The Autism Specialist teacher service also contribute to these training sessions.

The last training event was attended by 18 delegates from 11 different schools. 100% of attendees agreed that they found the session useful and had grown in understanding as a result of the training.


For more information please contact the hub manager:                 

Mrs Karin Rudd Tel: (01733) 576642

"Lots of useful ideas and activities to try!"

"Well organised training course with lots of creative ideas"

"An informal atmosphere which encouraged open and honest discussion and problem solving"