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Discipline is about training a child to control his/her behaviour in a desirable way. We hope to foster a sense of responsibility from a very early age and we ask for your co-operation. Common sense tells us that a well disciplined school is a happy school because the people in it show respect for each other and agree to keep the rules. We have positive strategies to reward consistently good behaviour and all the children are clear about the 4 rules:-

We listen while the teacher is talking We do not disturb others while they are working

We must do what is asked straight away We have respect for other people and their things


We have a clear behaviour policy which is consistently used by all staff. If a child persistently misbehaves then parents will be contacted and a home school report card will be used to monitor and control bad behaviour. Our behaviour policy can be viewed on our website. It is important that the school works with parents to ensure that bad behaviour is kept to a minimum.

Positive Rewards

  • Team points
  • Certificates in assemblies
  • Our stars of the week
  • Attendance awards
  • Gold stickers from head teacher

Playtimes and lunchtimes – any incident the child is sent in and loses rest of play unless it is very low level incidents.

Exclusions are a last resort and are very rare at Welbourne Primary School. We endeavour to work closely with parents if a child gives us serious cause for concern.