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Welbourne has an Academy Committee which is responsible for ensuring high-quality teaching and learning and the best outcomes for all pupils. We also are part of the Thomas Deacon Education Trust and receive guidance and support from them. For further information please visit Thomas Deacon Education Trust website and click on the tab for Governance.

Local Governing Body Membership

Chair of Academy Committee, Mrs Jan Lowe, term of office 21/3/17 to 20/3/21.

I  am the designated governor for safeguarding and I monitor child protection and safeguarding procedures including the annual statement. I ensure the Trust's safeguarding and child protection policy is fully adhered to by all staff.

If you would like to contact the Governing Body - correspondence can be sent to Mrs Jan Lowe, Chair of Academy Committee, Welbourne Primary Academy, Goodwin Walk, Werrington Peterborough PE4 6NR or email


Mrs Carrie Trounce

Mrs Carrie Trounce is Vice-Chair of the Academy Committee.  She was co-opted by the Governing Body and her term of office 24/05/16 to 23/05/20.

Mrs Enid Abbott

Co-opted by the Governing Body term of office 21/03/17 to 20/03/21

Mrs Sandra Bond

Co-opted Governor term of office 21/09/17 - 20/09/21

Mrs Claire Everton

Ex-officio Governor (Headteacher)

Mr Nigel Manders Jones

Clerk to the Academy Committee

Mrs Sharon Keogh

Co-opted by the Governing Body 21/03/17 to 20/03/21

Miss Tracy Lawson

Staff Governor and Deputy Headteacher term of office 6/7/16 to 5/7/20

Mrs Natalie Palmer

Elected Parent Governor term of office 23/5/17 to 22/5/21 


Academy Committee Meeting Dates

1st October 2019

5th December 2019

29th January 2020

24th March 2020

20th May 2020

2nd July 2020