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Governing Body

The Governors of Welbourne School exist to ensure that the school continues to improve and that improvement is maintained. Our role is NOT to run the school on a day to day basis – that is the responsibility of your Head Teacher, and her team of teachers and teaching assistants.Our role is to support her and her staff but also to make sure standards stay high and the school remains a safe and happy place in which the children can learn and the staff can enjoy teaching.We work hard to make sure your school continues to be a good place for your children to be safe; to learn well and to enjoy their education.

Pupil Achievement:

Working with Mrs Everton and her Senior Leadership team we monitor the school’s improvement priorities. We are involved in the strategic direction of the school. We monitor the Budget and work with staff to ensure we get best value on monies spent.

You can divide our overall purpose into categories:

Strategic Role:

We work in cooperation with the Headteacher and staff, who keep us up-to-date with the school’s performance. We know the strengths and weaknesses. We agree on the areas for improvement and oversee the plans to achieve that improvement.

Critical Friend:

We support the agreed strategies which will bring about improvement and we monitor how the school is progressing.

We support and sometimes we challenge


We are accountable to you – the school community for the performance of the school. So whilst we do respect the professional ability of the school staff, we may also question and challenge their actions and their plans.


We ensure that policies and procedures are in place so that Welbourne Primary School is a safe place for all stakeholders.

Who are the Governors?

Members of the governing body are all volunteers. We represent the local community, the staff, the parents and the Local Education Authority.

Please see the members page.

If any parent is interested in becoming a member of the Governing Body please contact Mrs Lowe or Mrs Everton for further details.

We meet as a Full Governing Body with Mrs Everton every half term. We receive reports on how the school is progressing and discuss any issues that may arise.

Through our discussion and questioning we both support and challenge decisions and actions that are being made and how any difficulties are being resolved. We are involved with the staff in identifying areas for future development

All governors serve on one committee:

Personnel and Finance Committee

Meets twice termly

We discuss those issues – giving support and/or challenge as appropriate.

We monitor the budget ensuring the money available is being used appropriately and sensibly, ensuring best value on monies spent.

All the minutes from the Governing Body meetings are available to the public to read. Please ask at the school office for a copy

Curriculum Committee

Meets termly

We consider all matters to do with the curriculum – receiving reports and updates from the teachers, specifically on the pupil performance.

All governors are involved in monitoring the actions being taken to deal with those areas for development identified and specified on the School Improvement Plan.

One of our governors is particularly responsible to monitor and support the Special Needs provision in the school.

Our Health and Safety governor monitors the safety of the school environment and carries out regular Health and Safety visits.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Governing Body in school please contact Jan Lowe (Chair of Governors)

email address:

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