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How we promote British values


What we do
  • School council representatives are voted for by their own class 

  • Class rules have been negotiated with children with discussion about rights and responsibilities 

  • Through the behaviour policy there is clear focus on teamwork and cooperative learning and children are rewarded by being awarded learning behaviour points if they show the appropriate learning behaviour 

  • Pupil questionnaires are carried out each term

  • School election process took place to vote for the new name of breakfast and after school club

Intended Impact

Children understand and have experience of the voting system 

Children understand why we have rules 

Children understand how important it is to work as part of a team and what skills are needed to make it work well 

 Data can be checked regarding pupil’s views  

All children had the experience of the whole election process 

Rule of Law

What we do
  • Use Crown Prosecution Service resources  

  • Class rules are negotiated with children and then referred to 

  • Clear behaviour policy is in place with rewards and consequences 

  • Behaviour logs are kept 

  • Use Stop and Think resource  

  • Individual behaviour charts are used 

  • Reintegration meetings are held if a child has been excluded 

  • Through PSHE good and bad choices are discussed 

  • Reinforced through the EYFS topic ‘People Who Help Us’  

  • School assemblies reinforce why we have laws and the consequences of breaking them 

  • Assemblies also include road safety, fire safety and we have rules to follow to keep ourselves safe 

  • In PSHE we cover road safety, online safety and personal safety

Intended Impact

Children to gain an understanding of all aspects of the criminal justice system  

Children know the purpose of rules and that there are consequences if broken 

Children know that parents will be contacted if rules are broken 

Helps children to learn to regulate their own behaviour 

Children are supported to follow appropriate rules 

 Children can explore choices in a safe environment and as a result make the good choices 

Children know and understand how rules are there to keep them safe 

Individual Liberty

What we do
  • School Council ensures that the children have their voice heard 

  • School offers a safe environment for children to make choices 

  • A range of after-school clubs are offered which children can chose from 

  • Online Safety and PSHE sessions enable children to know and understand their rights and freedoms and also how to make safe choices  

  • We cover mutual respect - all being individual but different and that is all okay 

  • Through the Cornerstones Curriculum children are encouraged to choose their own way to express the learning they have been part of 

  • Children are able to choose from a range of resources to support their learning 

Intended Impact

Children know they have a say and have the right to be listened to 

Children can make a mistake and know they will still be safe 

Children have the opportunity to make a choice 

Children have a clear understanding about how to keep themselves safe in a variety of contexts - children know they have some control over some choices 

Children are able to make a choice about how to represent their learning 

Children make a choice about which resources they want to use 

Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs 

What we do
  • Celebrate Birthdays 

  • Assemblies focus on different values and tackle topics such as; prejudice,  

  • Assemblies celebrate different religious festivals 

  • Cornerstones RE curriculum offers opportunities to study different world faiths 

  • PSHE is taught as a standalone subject and explores in depth topics such as; differences  

  • Class rules include having respect for each other. These are created in PSHE lesson at start of each year and the children come up with the rules themselves and they always use respect - found in all classrooms 

  • Visitors from different faiths are welcomed to lead assemblies 

  • Friendship week / anti-bullying week is planned in yearly- also covers cyber bullying. 

  • There is a clear Prevent Action Plan on the school website 

  • In PSHE we cover stereotyping, tolerance and respect of others 

Intended Impact

Importance of own birthday as a special day 

Encourages children to understand these difficult topics 

Children understand the meaning of different festivals 

Children understand world faiths 

Children have the time to discuss these aspects and consider questions they have 

Children know that respect is expected at all times 

Children will understand what bullying is and that it is not acceptable and will be dealt with 

Staff know what to do if they have a concern regarding radicalisation