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We use Charanga Music School and complement the children' s learning with cross-curricular lessons linked to topic work with a focus on classical music and the history of music.

We offer individual and group piano and keyboard lessons that are provided by a private peripatetic piano teacher. We are active members of the Peterborough Music Hub and regularly attend music events across the city. Every year, we have ten sessions taught by a professional teacher from the Music Hub where our Year 4 children learn a new instrument; this year they have been learning the Ukulele. At the end of the ten sessions, we take our children to play their new instrument in a city-wide concert.

We have a very active school choir. Each year, we perform at events such as Peterborough Sings workshops; which result in an evening performance in a local theatre for parents and friends. The Choir can be seen performing at the school and around the Werrington area. We sing annually at our local residential home for the elderly, Werrington Church and Ken Stimpson Community School. One of our Christmas highlights is when we combine with Kingsgate Community Church and go carol singing around the Welbourne housing area.

In school, we have weekly singing assembly which the children look forward to. The children sing traditional songs, uplifting and inspirational songs, songs linked to festivals such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter and songs to reflect the children's lives.

Each term, a selection of classes work towards performing a 'play' on stage for friends and families. Our past repertoire includes; the KS1 and Reception class Nativity, 'The Lion King', 'The Wizard of Oz', 'Olivia', 'Rockerfella Cinderella' and 'Porridge'. This is the time when our children can really excel and showcase their outstanding singing and drama skills.

If you have questions about the music curriculum please contact Mrs Tilson Music Lead via the office