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Parent testimonials

“Both my children have attended the nursery over the past seven years and I couldn’t be happier with the support they have been given throughout that time. The nursery team is like an extended family. They all know the children so well and are so warm and nurturing towards them. They are extremely welcoming to parents and they have made huge efforts to aid communication between key workers and parents. We get a full debrief of the day on pick-up, including what activities they’ve enjoyed, what they’ve eaten and are shown any work they’ve created, as well as receiving regular updates on Tapestry.

“There’s also a fantastic lending library with books available in many languages, which I think is a fantastic way of honouring and nurturing children's home languages and promoting a love of books at home.

“The environment is always organised and very inviting with activities they know will capture the children's interest. As parents we’re involved in the planning process by being given interest sheets which then inform us of their individual plans and targets.
“In the pre-school room they work really hard on promoting independence in preparation for school and my son has loved showing me how he can put his shoes on and pour his cereal and milk by himself, bursting with pride every time he does it. His turn-taking and social skills have improved dramatically, and this is down to all the fantastic modelling and the time focused on this by the nursery staff.

My youngest child is currently accessing SALT due to a speech sound disorder. Tina the Senco has been extremely supportive and informative throughout the process. Targets have been set quickly and reviewed regularly and they have fully embodied the advice and targets set by SALT, learning Makaton signing so they can support his communication to the best of their ability. I couldn’t be happier with the nursery and would recommend it to anyone.”

Kate P

“My son’s teacher said that his phonics and reading is exceptional for a child who has just started school. I really believe that this is down to the fantastic work that the nursery did with him in the Dragonfly room and his work with Laura. He loved his sessions with Laura and your team and they set him up so well for school. Having spoken to his teacher and other parents, most other children did not receive this kind of phonics teaching in their pre-school year and I am so happy that my son had this opportunity. He has also blossomed into a confident boy and your continuous support with his emotional well-being most certainly contributed to this. 

“My daughter left your nursery a well-rounded, confident and happy little girl. She still says that she wishes she could go back to nursery and loved her time with you. We’re now so happy that our other daughter is experiencing the same care. She is so happy at nursery, as the feedback on Tapestry shows, as well as her happy mood when I collect her. Thank you so much for caring for hands.” Amy B


“My daughter happily runs into nursery every morning where the nursery practitioners always greet her with a smile and warm welcome. As a parent I feel happy to leave her as I know she’s safe and well cared for. The nursery staff give a detailed handover each time she’s collected and update her Tapestry journal regularly, which keeps me updated with her progress and the activities she’s been enjoying. It’s lovely to see my daughter happily exploring her environment, particularly seeing her being able to follow her interests such as mark making and being creative. My daughter has moderate hearing loss, and since her diagnosis the nursery team have been extremely supportive in modelling language when interacting with her. This has led to her now using a range of vocabulary confidently, as well as singing new rhymes and songs. I can’t praise the staff enough and I’m so pleased she’s had a great start to her learning journey.” Michelle F


“I’m so impressed with the level of care my child receives at Welbourne Primary Academy Nursery. All the staff are welcoming, friendly, patient and enthusiastic. All the activities are well planned and engaging and it is difficult to tear my child away at the end of the day! I’m very grateful to all the staff and my child’s key worker Tina, who is amazing. Malgorzata D


“My husband and I could not be happier with how the nursery team cares for and supports our daughter. It truly is a ‘home away from home’ for her due to the warm, caring and friendly environment staff have created. She’s made great progress during her time at the nursery and always comes home happy and is excited to go in the mornings. As well as providing a nurturing learning environment, staff also support us as parents - offering advice whenever we need it. We’d highly recommend this nursery to anyone looking for childcare for their child.” Emma T


“My daughter has adapted very well to the setting and the support we have received in the transition has been exceptional. The relationship between her and those who care for her has blossomed and she feels happy and confident with the adults around her. In particular, Holly (her key worker) has worked hard to build those bonds, by knowing our daughter and her interests and showing genuine compassion. The nursery team has adapted quickly to her new medical needs and the communication has been strong.” Alex M


“Our son loves coming to nursery. He always has lots to do and learn and is excited to go. The staff have been brilliant at every step of the way, supporting his emotional well-being and development. Staff are always wanting the best for the children and ask lots of relevant questions so that they can support them in the best way. We would recommend Welbourne Primary Academy Nursery to friends and family.” Hannah and Edward H


“My child is in the baby room and has attended the nursery since its opening. The baby room team has done everything to make my child feel welcomed and settled. I have never had an issue with her separating from me, she’s always been confident to go to the staff and wave goodbye. She’s very happy at the setting and I only have praise for the staff at Welbourne. I’ve always been included in plans for my child’s wellbeing and progress, and the team always has time to speak with me at the beginning and end of the day, discuss how my child’s day has been and listen to any concerns I have. My child has had a few issues expressing herself recently and both Alison and the room leader Holly have been very supportive with this. We had a meeting to discuss how to support her moving forward, where I felt reassured and listened to. My child is always treated fairly and the staff are doing everything they can to ensure her wellbeing. I would highly recommend this setting to other parents.” Kelly H


“The team of nursery practitioners are all very friendly and approachable, and regularly provide us with daily feedback on how my two daughters are progressing. It’s been lovely to hear that my eldest daughter is becoming more confident to speak to and be more sociable with others. The Nursery Manager keeps us up-to-date with key messages regularly both via email and notices left at the entrance to the nursery and I’ve always received a prompt email in response to any queries. The Tapestry account is a great tool where the nursery team post about activities my girls have completed through the week. I really like the literacy aspect as it gives me prompts on what I can be doing at home to support my girls. We’ve also been given a reading book, a log book and a scissor activity to complete at different times during the year, again to support at home to help develop their key skills.”

Amy B