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School Trips

Welbourne Primary Academy aims to offer a broad and balanced range of exciting and stimulating educational visits. The experiences offered have a positive impact on raising standards and are a valuable and important part of the learning process for people of all ages.

They serve to:

· Bring breadth to the learning experience

· Stimulate enquiry

· Encourage tolerance and help build relationships between all involved

· Extend, enlighten and enrich the curriculum and the student’s learning experience.

Each year, class teachers will arrange three trips out of school (1 per term). The trips will be linked to the class’s themed learning topic and will cost parents no more than £20 per trip. In addition to trips out of school, staff will also organise and plan a quality enrichment day to complement each topic. There may be a small charge towards resources for these exciting and popular days. Occasionally, if an external trip is not appropriate for the topic, an enrichment experience will be organised in school using educational enrichment partners. These experiences may cost up to £20 and will be in place of a trip out for that term.

The staff are mindful that school trips and visits are an additional cost for parents and can, at times, be difficult to afford for families. This is why we inform parents at the start of the year of the trips their children will be participating in and the cost of each one. Parents can choose to pay in instalments for their child’s trips or can through their ParentPay account.