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Sky Room and Rocket Room ASD HUB

Welcome to our ASD Hub and Centre of Expertise in Autism!

At Welbourne Primary Academy we have a hub for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This is a Local authority provision which provides an Enhanced Resource base for up to eight children. These children access the Sky room and Rocket room classrooms for at least part of their school day.  Spaces in the hub are allocated by the Local Authority SEN Panel, according to the guidance set out in the Service Level Agreement. Children who are allocated a place in the hub, work on individualised educational programmes, guided by their Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) as well as autism targets taken from the AET progression framework. The children integrate with the pupils in the mainstream as much as possible. For some of the children this might mean spending most of their time in the Sky room or Rocket room, whereas others will join the mainstream children for some, or most, of their day. Welbourne is also a Centre of Expertise in Autism. This means that the hub staff support other schools in Peterborough to develop good autism practice. This might be through advice, modelling, training or providing or demonstrating resources. For more information about the Welbourne ASD Hub and centre of expertise, please see our Hub Leaflet or make an appointment at the school office to meet with a member of staff. See also our Centre of Expertise page for resources and useful information. 

Sky and Rocket Room Staff

Hub Manager
Mrs Rudd
Class Teacher
Miss Randall
Mrs Minnie


Teaching Assistant
Miss Vallance

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Back



Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vaughan