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Special Educational needs and Disability

My name is Mrs Rudd and I am the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at Welbourne Primary Academy. Mrs Hempsall is the assistant Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. If you need to contact us  please leave a message at the school office, or email

At Welbourne Primary Academy we are committed to inclusive practice and removing the barriers to learning which children with SEND can experience. High quality teaching that is differentiated and personalised will meet the individual needs of the majority of children, but we recognise that children with SEND may need educational provision that is additional to or different from this, and this is what we strive to provide.  

Our aim is to know precisely where children and young people with SEN are in their learning and development so that we can:  

 • have high ambitions and set stretching targets for them  

• track their progress towards these goals  

• keep under review the additional or different provision that is made for them 

• promote positive outcomes in the wider areas of personal and social development 

• ensure that the approaches used are based on the best possible evidence and are having the required impact on progress 

• ensure decisions are informed by the insights of parents and the children themselves