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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Everton - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Lawson - Deputy Headteacher, Pupil Premium Champion, PTL Standards Group, Attendance Lead and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Rudd - Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENDCo and Hub Manager


Office Team

Mrs Guest - Business Manager                         

Mrs Smith - School Administrator


Reception Team

Mrs Randall - EYFS Lead 

Mrs Mounfield - HLTA, Computing Lead and Library

Mrs Burns - Teaching Assistant, Late Owls and First Aid

Miss Nicholls - Teaching Assistant and Late Owls                          

Mrs Waterhouse - Teaching Assistant and First Aid

Ms Morrison - Apprentice and Late Owls

Key Stage 1 Team

Miss Morpeth - Year 2 Teacher and Literacy Lead      

Miss Fisher - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant, First Aid, EAL and Talk Boost   

Ms Troskie - Teaching Assistant and Phonics Intervention

Mrs Vaughan - Teaching Assistant and Art Resources                                            

Ms Bond - Teaching Assistant/Late Owls

Key Stage 2 Team

Miss Mounfield - Year 3 Teacher                               

Mrs Life - Year 4 Teacher, NQT Mentor, Science and the Wider Curriculum Lead

Mrs Rashid - Year 5 Teacher                                       

 Mrs Underwood - Year 6 Teacher and Maths Lead

Mrs Morrison - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Bowles - PTL Group Teacher                             

Mrs Molsher - Teaching Assistant and First Aid

Ms Cater - Teaching Assistant and School Council                                     

Skyroom And Hub

Mrs Rudd - SENDCo and Hub Manager                               

Mrs Tilson - Teacher, MFL and Music Lead

Mrs Minnie - Higher Level Teaching Assistant                

Mrs Vallance - Teaching Assistant

Ms Back - Teaching Assistant                                             

Mr Spowage - Teaching Assistant and PE Lead

Site Management

Mr Gibson - Site Manager                                  

Ms Weston - Cleaner

Mrs Carr - Cleaner/Early Birds                     

Mrs Dawson - Cleaner

Mr Hill - Gardener

Dinner Team

Ms Milton - Head Cook and ASC Supervisor                          

Mrs Joyce - Catering Assistant

Mrs Dove - Catering Assistant

Mrs Weston - Lunchtime Supervisor               

Mrs Carr - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Smith - Lunchtime Supervisor           

Mrs Hinkins - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Hagan - Lunchtime Supervisor           

Ms Cater - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Morrison - Lunchtime Supervisor